Shia Quran Academy teaches the Quran and Religion to Momineen at their home. We offer an easy way of hiring a highly qualified tutor to teach you the courses at any time. Our courses are for kids and adults and we help our students take their lessons online.

Shia Quran Classes Online


Besides Tajweed And Reading Courses, We Offer Other Courses Like Translation, Tafseer, NajulBalagah, And Sahife Sajjadiya. We Are An Online Islamic Center Making The Quran Learning Easier For Momineen. Our Motive Is To Provide The Courses In An Easy And Flexible Way. We Offer The Classes To Momineen Around The Globe.

We Have Qualified And Experienced Tutors Who Give Lessons In An Interactive Way. They Offer The Shia Quran Classes On One On One Basic. Now You Can Fulfill Your Religious Responsibility Easily With Us.

Just Like Face-To-Face Interactions Our Classes Through Skype Allow Conversations With Your Tutors. You Can Talk To Your Teacher Without Any Interruption Through Video Streaming

Why Are The Classes Important?

We Have Shia Teachers To Give Shia Online Quran Classes. You Can Learn Different Courses With The Help Of A Computer And Internet Connection. Our Goal Is To Spread The Sacred Knowledge Of The Islam With The Help Of The Latest Technologies. Our Mode Of Teaching Breaks All The Barriers Of Distance. We Give The Live Lessons Online. Momineen Can Start Learning By Sitting At Home. We Have Professional Teachers And Religious Scholars For Our Courses.

The Team Of Our Professionally Trained Tutors Gives The Shia Online Quran Classes In Uk To Momineen Students. Over The Past Few Years And Through Our Quality Teaching, We Have Established Ourselves As A Respected Online Academy. We Have Been Working As An Online Academy For The Past 13 Years. Our Academy Is The Most Reliable Source Of Learning Quran For You And Your Family.

  • A Tutor Educates Only One Student At A Time.
  • You Can Take Your Lessons In Your Living Room.
  • Start Your Learning From Anywhere
  • Special Classes For Children And Females
  • On-Demand Timing Of The Lessons
  • Time And Money Saving
  • An Affordable Monthly Fee.

Enrollment In Our Online Courses Is Rising At A Faster Pace. Students From All Over The World Are Now Taking Interest In Quran Learning On The Internet In Recent Years As Compared With The Previous Few Years. We Are Proud To Be One Of The World’s Renowned Online Quran Centers For Shia Mominneen. We Have Become A Global Shiya Koran Center And Offer The Courses That You Wish To Study. We Offer Internet Classes So That Our Students Can Study Comfortably And Can Work During The Day. They Can Schedule The Lessons According To Their Own Schedule. The Students Take Live Classes Through Skype. We Offer The Courses But Let The Student Learn At Their Own Pace.

We Have Professional Teachers For Shia Online Classes. We Give Them Special Training For Teaching Shia Online Quran Classes In USA Via Skype. They Give Live Classes And One Teacher Teaches One Student At A Time. We Are A Respectable Shia Center For Quran And Islamic Education. Online Learning Is Easy If You Choose The Right Platform. We Are Happy To Be The Most Reliable Source Of Providing Qualified Koran Tutors To The Momineen For Their Better Learning. Our Academy Breaks All The Barriers Of Distance And Invites Worldwide Shia Muslims To Join Us.

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