Tajwid is of great importance for us in order to give the Quran its rights for recitation. We all wish to read correctly and beautifully and the beauty of the words is only possible if we know the rules of reading. Correct pronunciation helps in getting perfect meanings. So we have the obligation to read the Holy Text properly.

shia quran tajweed online


We Offer The Foundation Course For Momineen To Understand The Rules Of Recitation. After Learning These Important Rules Even A Kid Of 4-7 Years Will Be Able To Read With Tajweed. We Have A Lot Of Students Including Kids. Usually, Kids Learn Tajwid But Many Adults Especially New Muslims Join Us To Learn The Science Of Recitation.

Unfortunately We All Do Not Know Proper Tajweed. Arabs Don’t Feel Any Need For Learn quran with Tajweed. But We Have To Learn Learn Shia Quran With Tajweed.

Why Tajweed

The Quran Is In The Arabic Language. It Is The Words Of Allah So We All Should Know What Messages Allah Is Sending To Us. People Who Are Not Arabs Have To Learn Reading Arabic For Learning Recitation. If We Are Able To Read It Properly Without Any Mistakes, We Are The Most Fortunate People.

The Plain Reading Is Rewarding But It Is More Rewarding If You Pronounce The Arabic Text Properly, Accurately, And, Correctly. If We Don’t Have Knowledge Of Tajweed There Is A Risk That The Meanings Will Be Distorted. It Is The Disrespect Of Allah And The Holy Book So We Should Try Our Best To Avoid Mispronunciation.

To Learn This, You Need To Choose A Qualified Teacher. The Tutor Must Be Knowledgeable And Must Know All The Rules Of Recitation. We Have Made The Task Of Finding The Tutor Easy. Our Online Quran Academy Will Help You Learn The Recitation. We Have Expert Teachers Who Will Guide You In Reading The Verses With Accurate Rules. We Will Teach You The Science Of Pronunciation.

Who Can Take This Course?

Shia Muslims Can Learn Quran Online. Those Who Want To Read In A Fluent Manner Should Take This Course. As We Are Shia Islamic Center So We Give Classes To Shia Students Only. We Have Classes For Children, Men, And Women. Anyone Who Is Shia And Is Interested In Learning Proper Recitation Can Start This Course With Us.

We Recommend This Shia Quran Learning Lesson Usually For Those Students Who Want To Learn From The Beginning Level. Our Academy Is The Best Place For Them For Learning Tajweed.

What We Teach

We, Will, Teach You The Proper Pronunciation Of Arabic Words. The Lessons That We Teach Include

  • Proper Articulation
  • Correct Inflection
  • Correct Accent
  • When To Emphasize On Letters And Words
  • Recitation With The Right Pace

The Course Content Includes

  • Makharij-Ul-Huroof
  • Sifaat-Ul-Huruf
  • Noon (The Noon Sakinah And Tanween)
  • Meem (The Meem Sakinah)
  • Muddud
  • Laam(Qamariyya And Shamsiyya)
  • Thickness And Thinness (Tafkhim And Tarqeeq)

How Do We Teach?

Our Academy Is Offering This Shia Quran Online Course With The Best Teaching Methods. We Have Good Quran Teachers Including Male And Female Teachers. As We Know Tajwid Is Very Important So Let Us Help You And Your Children In Reading The Quran In The Proper Manner. With Our Best Teaching Methods, The Students Will Learn All The Rules Very Quickly.

We Made Learning Easier For You!

We Have Made Shia Quran Reading Easier For You. This Course Is For All Ages And Genders. You Can Contact Us If You Want To Learn In An Easy And Flexible Manner. We Will Also Help You Improve Your Recitation If You Already Know Plain Reading.

Many Of Us Cannot Learn Tajwid Because They Cannot Go To Mosques Or Cannot Access A Professional Qari. We Have Solved This Problem For You. You Can Now Learn Online Quran Expert Qari We Will Provide You Classes Online So That You Can Take Them From Anywhere. We Are The Best Choice For You Even If You Don’t Have Time Due To Your Busy Schedule. Your Tutor Will Be Available To You Anytime You Want. So Taking Classes Is No More Difficult Now.

Take Essential Steps Towards Quran Recitation And Learn Shia Quran Tajweed Online With Us. We Make The Learning Process Easy By Explaining The Basic Principles Of And We Also Focus On The Problems That Students May Face While Reciting The Quran Properly. Our Lessons Are Very Helpful That Make You Learn Very Quickly And Easily.

What Are You Thinking Of Now? Just Take Shia Quran Tajweed Lessons To Make Your Recitation Better.

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