What we Offer?

Online Yassarnal Quran Basic Qaida with Tajweed is a very important course which gives us the basic knowledge Koran reading. It is also the first...
LEARN SHIA QURAN WITH TAJWEED Tajwid is of great importance for us in order to give the Quran its rights for recitation. We all wish...
LEARN MEMORIZATION QURAN SHIA QARI Our most important responsibility of being Shia Muslims is to get the knowledge of the Quran. We should start learning...

Why Choose Us?

  • We are international Shia Quran Academy
  • We are offering 1 to 1 class to every Student
  • We offer home-based Learning
  • We have highly Qualified and Trained Shia Quran Teachers
  • We don’t take any Registration Fees
  • We charge very affordable Monthly Fee
  • The classes are available for 24 hours a Day

What We Delivered?

Shia Quran Center



The Academy offers the best courses for Shia Muslims all around the world. We are an online center and provide classes online. Our academy is established since 2005 and has been serving Momineen by providing them the Holy Quran and Islamic education. Our purpose is to educate our youth for their successful future.

We Have Taught Hundreds Of Momineen And They Have Completed Courses From Us Successfully. The Main Purpose Of Establishing Our Institution Is To Assist Momineen In Learning The Holy Book Easily At Home.

We Offer Courses Including

  • Qaida With Tajweed
  • Basic Quran Reading
  • Translation
  • Memorization
  • Islamic Fiqah
  • Saheefa Sajjadia
  • Nehjul Balagha

The Students Can Learn the Quran Online Through All These Courses At A Very Affordable Fee. Contact Us And Start Taking Your Classes. These Courses Are Very Important In Making A Character Of Momineen. We Are The Right Choice For You If We Want Remote Learning At Home.

Skype Learning

We Are Known For Skype Learning. This Facility Of Shia Quran Online Through Skype Is Perfect For Busy People Who Are Rarely Able To Manage To Learn The Koran By Joining Any Local Institute Of Islamic Education. Now You Must Not Be Worried About It. We Can Help You Study Any Course If You Have A Computer And The Internet. You Can Enjoy Your Classes During Your Convenient Hours. There Is No Need To Move Out Of Your House. We Offer You Online Courses And You Will Take All The Classes Under The Supervision Of Experienced Scholars And Teachers. You Cannot Find Any Other Chance To Learn Quran From Shia Teachers.

A Center For Islamic Studies (Fiqh Jaffria)

Due To The Sectarianism, It Is Necessary To Have A Shia Islamic Center For Preserving Our Religion. Many Momineen Who Are Worried About Not Having The Centers Of Their Beliefs Must Not Worry At All. We Provide Shia Quran Learning Opportunity Online. Momineen All Over The World Can Take The Benefit Of This Facility. We Also Have Shia Teachers For Teaching Every Student.

It Has Become So Easy For Every Momin Brother And Sister To Find A Quran Teacher Belonging To Their Own Sect. We Are Only At A Distance Of A Few Clicks. Just Contact And Hire A Teacher For Any Course. We Are A Blessing For Those Who Cannot Manage To Go To The Shia Academies Within Their Location. Whatever The Schedule Of Timing You Have, You Can Join Our online Quran Academy Easily.

Our Teachers

We Are Proud To Have The World’s Most Qualified Tutors. They Are Skilled At Teaching Online. Our Shia Quran Center Has Both Fame And Female Tutors Who Have Experience Of Many Years In Teaching Over Skype. We Also Have Religious Scholars For Teaching Advanced Courses. The Teachers Are Polite And Courteous. They Work Hard For Better Learning Of The Students. We Give Special Focus To Their Training. In Order To Be The World’s Renowned Quran Institute, We Understand That It Is Very Important To Have Qualified Teachers. They Are Knowledgeable And Are Well Aware Of The Rules Of Tajweed.

Opportunity for Females (Mominaat)

We Have Female Quran Shia Teachers To Teach The Quran To Mominaat. They Are Also Available To Teach All The Courses And Also At The Flexible Time. Our Online Quran Academy Has Been Working To Provide The Shia Community The Best Chance To Study On Their Own Pace At Their Own Place. We Are Easily Accessible For Everyone. You Only Have To Contact Us At The Given Contact Number. We Are Open 24/7. You Can Talk To Us Any Time Whenever You Want. We Charge A Very Affordable Fee For All The Courses.

Our Features

  • Affordable Monthly Fee
  • Qualified And Experienced Male And Female Teachers
  • Online Classes Through Skype
  • 24/7 Classes
  • For Momineen Of All Age Groups
  • Flexible Timing
  • Easy To Access
  • One To One Classes
  • Separate Female Classes
  • Special Kids Classes
  • Learning At Your Doorstep
  • Comfortable Environment
  • Cooperative Staff

Learning The Quran From Us Is The Right Choice For You. We Are One Of The Best Online Academies For Momineen. We Offer You An Easy And Reliable Platform For Learning The Quran Online Via Skype. Our Reputation Is Due To Our By Highly Qualified Male And Female Teachers. We Offer All The Courses At An Affordable Cost. We Assist The Momineen From All Across The World In Getting The Accurate Knowledge Of The Glorious Book Of Allah. Students Can Join Our Academy By Calling Us. We Offer 24 Hours Service For Kids And Adults.

The Heart Is The Place Where We Feel The Presence Of Allah. The Recitation Of The Verses Gives Relaxation To Heart And Mind. You Feel Tranquility And Peace If You Get Connected With Allah’s Book. The Koran Is The Blessing For Us And We Are Making Noble Efforts To Light Up The Future Of Our New Generation With This Holy Book. Our Teaching Method Is So Interesting That Students Feel Every Shia Quran Lesson Interesting. The Students After Learning From Us Give 100 % Result.

The Internet Is A Very Reliable Source Of Learning The Holy Book. So We Offer The Teaching Services Online For The Benefits Of Momineen. We Facilitate Our Students To Study With Us Anytime And Anywhere. You Only Need A PC And An Internet Connection To Start.

The Students Learn Step By Step Without Any Burden. We Move Forward To The Next Lesson According To Our Student’s Pace. We Are Sure You Will Be Happy To Study With Us Because We Give Money And Time-Saving Opportunities.


Dedicate Yourself To The Holy Book. No Matter How Busy You Are In Your Daily Life, You Must Connect With Koran. Shia Quran Online Classes That We Offer At Our Academy Will Help You Get On The Right Path. Don’t Hesitate To Talk To Us If You Have Any Question. Find A Teacher From Our Academy And Start Your Study.

Make Sincere Efforts To Attach Your Heart To The Book Of Allah. We Are Known For Providing The Best Quality Koran Education To Shia Muslims Across The Globe. Now You Can Learn The Koran With The Expert Teachers At Your Own Home. We Have A Team Of Qualified Teachers Who Are Available Round The Clock.

Check Our Courses Section To Choose The Course You Want To Take. Start Your Classes In A Low Monthly Fee.

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