Terms and Conditions - Shia Quran Academy

If you or your children are interested to take classes from Shia Quran Academy, you have to cooperate with us on the following points:

  1. After a free trial of 3 days, you must decide if you want to take permanent regular classes with Shia Quran Academy or not.

  2. If you decide to take classes from Shia Quran Academy after a free trial, you have to pay a fee within one week, else the classes will be discontinued.

  3. Shia Quran Academy authorizes to discontinue the classes if a fee remains unpaid after one week

  4. If you are busy for any reason and want to freeze the classes for 5 or 10 days, and with the same teacher and at the same time want to continue your classes then Shia Quran Academy will charge the fee of complete one month from you.

  5. If due to any commitments, you want to freeze your classes for one full month, Shia Quran Academy will waive off a fee for that month.

  6. If a student does not get available to take the class due to any problem, the institution is not bound to provide a makeup class.

  7. If a student misses any classes due to the institution, the institution will be 100 percent bound to provide the makeup class on Saturday, Sunday or any other day depending on the choice of parents.

  8. If you want to skip your class on any day, you have to leave a message for leave 2 hours before the class on the whatsapp number of the institution or complaint id of the page. And if the institution will remain off for the reasons mentioned below, you will get a text message from the What’s App number of the academy one day before that day.

  9. You must not share your contact number, phone number, email id, or credit card details with your teacher else Shia Quran Academy will not be held responsible for any misuse.

  10. The monthly test of kids taken by Shia Quran Academy will be in the presence of parents. If parents will not be present on that day, the test will be postponed and will be taken in the next month. This is because, the presence of Parents is Mandatory.

  11. Shia Quran Academy authorizes to change any teacher anytime i.e. if the teacher performance is not good in monthly tests of students or a student obtains less than (50/100) marks in the monthly tests.

  12. If parents due to any reasons want to change teachers, they should inform the Principal of the institute. The principal is bound to change that teacher within 3 days.

  13. If a student wants to change the days or timings of his class, it is important to contact the Principal. The teacher is not allowed to change the time or days of the classes.

  14. At no cost, you should share your contact number or phone number with any teacher. If a teacher asks you to do so, you must inform the principal through What’s App number of the institution else the institution will not be responsible.

  15. The following are recognized  holidays and the days on which the Institution will be closed are:
  • The 3rd Jamadi-us-Sani (Shahadat of Hazrat Fatima Zehra S.A)
  • 13th Rajab (birth Anniversary of Hazrat Ali A.S)
  • The 15th Shaban (Birth of Imam Al-Mahdi A.S)
  • 19th, 21st, and 23rd of Ramadan (Amaal e Shab)
  • 3 Public holidays of Eid ul Fitr.
  • 3 Public holidays of Eid ul Azha
  • Moharram Holidays (from 7th to 12 Moharram)
  • Holiday for Chehlum (one day)
There will be no other holidays InshaAllah.

Molana Syed Manzar Abbas Naqvi
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