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The Koran education is the foundation of religious learning. This Holy Book consists of divine knowledge. In this book, we can find complete guidance for spending our lives. There is guidance for every aspect of life for Muslims. It is our Holy Book so we believe that this education is the best education in this world. Acquiring this knowledge is mandatory for every Muslim. The first step of learning the Koran is to learn the Arabic of the Quran. You can learn it by learning the alphabets and their correct sounds. We should have the knowledge of phonics for reading the Koran. There is a special book for this purpose.

This book is Yassarnal Quran. Without learning this book, no one can read the Koran properly. In this book, you will understand Tajweed rules or pronunciation. Learning this Qaida is the best way to learn the Arabic alphabets. Correct recitation of the Quran is very important otherwise there is a risk that meanings of the Quran may change.

This book is basically the Shia Qaida for beginners who want to learn the Quran. This book is used to teach the beginning learners. The book starts with the topics of Arabic alphabets. The students learn how the alphabets are connected. They understand the accents of Zair, Zabr, and Paish, etc. These topics are very important for learning the recitation.

Online Course

You can study Online Yassarnal Quran course. The online classes are well organized and online Quran centers design this course for the learners who want to study on the internet due to any reason. The students can study at home.

It is the Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w) to recite the Koran with esteem and concentration. This course will help you recite properly and accurately with rules.  It is the best Shia Qaida online course if you find it difficult to understand the pronunciation of the Arabic letters. You can visit the website of an online academy and contact them to start your online classes.

In western countries, it is very difficult to get qualified Koran teachers and home tuition is very rare. The best way for them is to make use of online teaching that the Quran centers offer. This form of teaching suits almost every student who has the desire of learning the Quran from the basic.

Course For Kids

This course is mostly for kids who are at the beginning stage of learning. Parents choose it because they can arrange the classes for their children at home. They can also evaluate how well the tutors teach. It is also easy for them to see how their child is responding to the course. The online Quran centers have an organized system of teaching. They also supervise their teachers. As we know that learning the Quran is the most important responsibility of a Muslim so it is also a responsibility of parents to raise their children according to the Koran. Parents cannot find any other better way to teach this Holy Book to their children than this online course.

The kids can easily have Yassarnal Quran learning without leaving the comfort of their home. This course makes the foundation of the reading.

Learning from Shia Quran Academy

We are an established Shia Koran center having the aim to promote the education of the Koran. We offer this course to Momineen living all over the world. We are a global Islamic institute for Shia Muslims of all age groups.

We offer the best chance to the Momineen to learn the basic of the Koran online at home. We have capable teachers who are very friendly. We are the best choice for the children because our teachers make the children enjoy the lessons.

We also provide the golden chance to the adult students who want to learn the Qaida. So if you want to learn with us, you should contact us. We offer Online Shia Quran Classes for the new students. So join us today to start learning the Koran.

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