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We believe that unless we hold on to the Book of Allah Almighty we will not go astray. The Quran is the Book of Allah and we will not be deprived of the Divine guidance. This Holy Book was revealed to our beloved Prophet (PBUH) but it is for the whole of mankind. We are very lucky to be bestowed with this Divine guidance. This Book is very valuable for us because the teachings are authentic and we can trust these teachings blindly for our successful life.

In the past when there were no modern technologies and developments like the modern world, Momineen used traditional ways to take Quran classes. But nowadays, with the help of the latest technologies, it has become easy for all Shia Muslims to take Online Quran Classes.


As the Quran is our best guide so we should study it regularly. The importance of the Quran can be realized from the occasion of Khutbah Hajjat-ul-Wida. On that occasion, our Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said that he is leaving two important things after him from which people can take guidance from. One is the Holy Quran and the other is his progeny. By following these two will provide Momineen with the best guidance and they will be on the righteous path.

Now it is not difficult for the Shia Muslims to manage time for taking classes besides fulfilling their religious obligations. These classes are perfect to revive the spirit of Islam in Momineen. Online Quran tutors teach them the real meaning and importance of the Book of Allah and religion Islam through a variety of courses.

Our Shia Quran Academy is providing the facility of online learning to all Shia Muslims living all over the world. We not only offer classes but also offer the convenience of time to each of our students. Momineen can take their lessons depending on the availability of time. If you have a laptop or computer along with an internet connection, you can start your classes without any trouble.  As we offer a variety of courses, so interested students should first decide which course they want to study before taking classes. We have Shia teachers for delivering every lecture. All the teachers are qualified and well-knowledgeable. They are aware of the basic rules of recitation too. If you are interested in translation and the Tafseer course, we have Shia scholars too. We teach the Holy Quran lessons in accordance with Shia methods.

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