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In the Quran, we read Allah’s words for guiding mankind, encouraging Muslims for the good deeds, promising the mercy and everlasting joys, while threatening the evil with anger and never-ending sufferings. We should include the Quran to shape our lives.

This Holy Book was revealed to the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) in small portions. Sometimes single verse was revealed and sometimes groups of verses, complete chapters or surahs in the Arabic language. It is a source of divine blessing for all the Muslims. It is also the source of guidance.

Muslims find the learning, reading, understanding or memorizing the Koran as a great task. Our status on the day of resurrection will be determined by the number of verses we recited or memorized throughout our life. There is a great reward for studying and understanding the verses of the Quran. The recitation of our Holy Book sanctifies the hearts.

The Quran for Momineen

This Holy Book is an inspiration for the God-fearing Momineen. They ponder it, study its meanings and understand its applications. They get assistance from it by including them in their daily conduct. We can say that this is the Book of Allah which in short, can be called as a school for Momineen. The teachings of the Koran discipline us morally and spiritually. Shia Quran is the basis of the Shia Muslim community. The true power of this Holy Book is in its translation. It means we can get the inspiration if we understand the meanings of the verses. It does not mean that reading only the translation is enough. Reading the Koran with its translation serves the main purpose.

The Significance of Koran Translation

We should read Tarjuma in order to make ourselves as the true Muslim nation. It means that if you will thoroughly read Koran, you will get familiar with the beliefs and get closer to Allah. The Koran tarjuma helps us understand the true significance of this Holy Book. This Book is for mankind and the one who follows its teachings will have his life on the right track.

Only with the help of Shia Quran translation, we can transform our lives because we will be able to get Allah’s instructions and guidelines easily. It is a miracle that has a refreshing effect on those who believe in the religion of Allah. Daily recitation of the Koran with translation brings great rewards to us and makes us better Muslim.

There are some inaccurate and even misleading translations present. So Momineen should be aware of it and consider Shia Quran Tarjuma. This translation is accepted as a reliable translation for Shia Muslims.

Tafseer And Its Importance

Tafseer of the Koran is very important to understand its deeper meanings. We rely upon Tafseer to understand the text. Simple translation has limited meanings. The detailed understanding of the sacred Text depends on the interpretations (Tafseer).

The Quran is for men and women of different intellect levels. The Book is for everyone from all social backgrounds but Momineen due to the risk of misinterpretation should choose a reliable place of learning.

Learning Translation/Tafseer Online

Now Momineen can learn Quran tarjuma online. They can also study Tafseer with Shia scholars online. The internet has helped Momineen get desired knowledge at the comfort of their home.

It is our belief that the Quran was revealed to Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and He (PBUH) is also the teacher of this Book. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) appointed his progeny to do this task after him. We believe that Prophet (PBUH) and his progeny had real knowledge of this Holy Book. So it is important that we study Tarjuma and Tafseer from a Shia Quran learning center.

The internet is a very helpful source for learning different Koran courses. The online Quran centers have made it an easy task for Momineen to reach their religious scholars and Shia teachers. Learn online Quran is much better than learning the Koran in a traditional way. There are many benefits that Momineen get when they choose online education. They can access quality content and learn in the best way.

Learning Translation with Shia Quran Academy

We provide Quran teaching services to Momineen. If you are in search of Shia Quran translation Urdu, we are the best option for you. Our Online Quran Teacher will not only provide you classes to read the Koran correctly but you can also learn the meanings of the verses. We have Shia tutors who will help you understand the verses according to Shia beliefs. We are here to help you solve the problems you face when you search for Shia teachers. We are working at a global level to assist Our Shia community living all around the world.

Our institute has capable teachers who provide classes on Shia Quran translation English too. They have a very effective teaching method. Many Momineen have benefitted from our services. Our purpose is to educate our new generation. The teachings of our 14 Masoomeen (A.S) are very valuable so we want to educate our youth according to these teachings. If you want to take the benefit of our teaching service, choose us.

As we offer home-based learning, so Momineen all over the world are welcome to take classes with us. We offer 24/7 teacher availability for the students. Our monthly fee is also very affordable so everyone can learn from us. Contact us today and start learning translation from the professional Shia teachers.

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