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According to our beliefs, only Masoomeen (A.S) have the right of Tafseer. According to the Hadith of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH):

“I am leaving two important things among you, the Book of Allah and my Ahle-Bayt. Those who will hold both of these will not go astray”.

Reading Tafseer is very important because without its study understanding the Holy Book is very difficult. Majority of Momineen don’t know the Arabic language. So it is very difficult for them to understand the meaning of the Holy Quran. With word by word meanings, we cannot understand the true meanings of the verses. So Tafsir can help us understand the true and detailed meanings of the verse narrated by the infallible. Momineen needs the teachings of the Quran in accordance with the teachings of the Masoomeen A.S.

A simple translation of the verses of the Quran e Pak is not enough to understand the messages of Allah. We, therefore, encourage our Momineen brothers and sisters to study Tafsir. This study is basically a detailed interpretation of the Holy Book. Every Ayah of the Holy Book has a special purpose. We can understand it properly if we study the proper interpretation.

Tafseer for Momineen

Momineen only has to Learn Quran Tafseer. The Quran centers for Momineen are the best places for them because they can find religious scholars and authentic content. There should be a proper scholar or a teacher belonging to Shia Ithna’ashari sect. Only qualified teachers can teach you proper interpretation of the Koran. If you read the interpretation on your own, do not draw any conclusions. It is a better option to make a consultation with a scholar who has real knowledge. Learning from a scholar/teacher is highly appreciated. You can join Shia Islamic center for acquiring this knowledge.

 Studying Online

In these days there is a facility for Momineen to Learn Quran Online. We do not recommend Momineen to study the Quran interpretation through unknown websites. This is because there is a chance of misinterpretation if they do not follow the right sources. The best and reliable learning is only possible with the help of a Momin scholar. We, the Momineen constitute the second-largest branch of Islam but unfortunately, our teachers are not present everywhere. Studying the Koran online is a good way because it is not always possible to find a local Momin teacher. This form of learning is especially great for the Momineen in non-Muslim countries. Momineen, no matter in which part of the world is living. They can hire a tutor/ scholar from the internet and learn from them. We always need guidance for gaining accurate knowledge. The best way of getting guidance is the internet in modern time.

You can study Shia Tafsir Quran Online from a famous online Quran center. In these days there are many centers present online to help you. Understanding the Koran interpretation is for those who have studied the basic courses. Momineen with the basic knowledge finds it easier to dwell into the deep meanings of the Koran. Learning interpretation online can help in the endorsement of Islamic rules in daily lives. As we are Momineen so it is our spiritual duty to go deeper into our Holy Book.

Benefits Of Online Learning

Due to the scarcity of local Shia teachers, there are many benefits of online tafsir learning for Momineen. If we learn Shia Quran Tafseer Online from an online academy, they give live classes on a one-to-one basis.

The Quran is a guide for us so we should learn it with the full devotion and dedication. There is no better way to learn it online with authenticity by staying at home. Now learning the interpretation has become much easier than before. The internet is an inspiring platform where any Shia Muslim can learn the Holy Book according to Shia Fiqh. It is easy to hire Shia teachers from all over the world who are expert and have good knowledge of Koranic interpretation.

Online learning is home-based learning so you can choose the time to learn Shia Quran Tafseer that suits you. It is flexible and very beneficial for all the Momineen.

Learning from Shia Quran Academy

Finding Tafseer in the English language was also a big problem for Shia Muslim. We, therefore, help our Shia Muslim brothers and sisters who cannot speak Urdu by providing them with Tafseer classes in English. We provide classes based on Shia school of thought.

We are one of the best Shia online Quran centers. You will learn with expert teachers in a very convenient manner. The students can have online interactions and conversations with the teacher with the help of Skype. We are a leading Quran academy based on remote learning.

We have the experience of many years in teaching Momineen online. Our academy has expert and qualified Momin teachers. We have both male and female momin tutors who will help you learn the religion at home. There is good news for our sisters because now they can also read learn Shia Quran Tafseer. All the teachers are qualified and all the students can choose the classes according to their own suitable schedule and timing. Our academy has the purpose to offer the Momin community with a convenient and most comfortable way of learning. We provide online support round the clock. So if you have any query, you can contact us and talk to us.

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