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The Quran

The Holy Koran was revealed to the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) at the age of forty through the Hazrat Angel Jibrael (A.S). The first revelation came in the cave of Hira. The first Surah that was revealed was the Surah Iqra. The Koran was revealed through the period of 23 years. The learning of the Koran is the basic responsibility of Muslims. It is the base of all types of learning. It is not like the other books because it is Allah’s Holy Book and gives us the knowledge about all aspects of life. Different subjects and topics are discussed in it. There is no other book in this world which is like our Holy Koran. It is the treasure of Muslims because it consists of the knowledge that we need till the end of time. The Koran is the source of guidance so we should consult it to move out of deep darkness to the light. The only solution to the darkness of ignorance is the Koran. The teachings of the Koran are very important for our bright future.

The Quran

The Koran has a significant role in our life.  Without this Book and the teachings of Allah, our life would be unsatisfying and unsuccessful. Everyone needs guidance in our life. The Koran is the word of the Creator of the world so we need it for the purification of our heart and mind, and soul. The Koran invites us to ponder some rational and logical things. The best person is the one who learns the Koran and also teaches it to others.

The Quran Learning

Just like taking education is important to improve the life, similarly learning the Koran is also very important. The Quran not only helps us in getting the basic knowledge of Islam, but there is information about everything. Therefore it is very important for every Muslim to study the Holy Book of Allah not only to understand Islam but to know about life’s complete code of conduct. The study of the Holy Book is an obligation for every Muslim. The Quran learning must be the primary education that we should get. The education of the Holy Book is the best education and there is no other learning better than the Quran learning. This Book consists of solutions to all the problems of life.

Allah Almighty communicated with man through His Book. The study of the Holy Quran helps in knowing about right wrong. Acquiring this knowledge is a very noble act for all Muslim men and women. This is the only kind of knowledge that can bring a man near to his creator. The learning of the Holy Book should never be ignored because it will be a proof of his good deeds on the Judgment Day. We will be the blessed one if we understand the importance of the Quran and learn it.

Quran Learning for Momineen

The Holy Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) said that I am leaving behind two weighty things for you. That is the Quran and my Ahl ul Bayt. You will never go astray if you [hold onto] to them. We are the followers of the Ahl ul Bayt so we should develop a deeper love for the Holy Quran and make efforts to create a connection with it.

Problems That We May Face

We are leading busy lives so usually, we neglect the study of the Quran. Some of us didn’t learn it in their childhood. And in older age, it becomes difficult to learn it. This is really one of the major problems that we face. Many people feel shy to learn at an older age. So they avoid taking the lessons. Sometimes finding the Shia Quran tutor is not easy and at some time the tutor is available but we are not available to take the lessons. There are many more problems like these that create hindrance in learning the Quran.

Where to Learn?

Shia Quran academies are the best places for Momineen to learn the Holy Book. The Mosques and Madrassas also give a good chance to Shia Muslims to study the Book of Allah. They are also the traditional ways to learn. If you can find a good madrassa nearby, it is a good option. You can go regularly to take your lessons. You will also get an Islamic environment there.

The private online Quran teacher are also good options to learn. You may have a local teacher who can teach you the Quran. A private teacher can benefit you greatly for your learning. You can also feel comfortable with private teaching. When you hire a teacher, make sure your teacher is expert and knowledgeable. He knows all the rules of Tajweed and is capable of teaching. The individual attention that you can get from your teacher is the best thing that you need for efficient learning.

Sometimes mosques or madrassas are not present within your location. You cannot drive far off places and there is also a shortage of a local Shia Quran tutor. Then you may feel problem in learning the Koran.

Finding an Online Academy

When you don’t have any tutor to teach you, joining an Online Quran Academy is the best choice. It is the best way to get the best quality education. The use of the latest technology has made it easy for the Shia Muslims all over the world to reach Shia Quran tutors. Momineen living in western countries like USA, Britain, Canada, Australia and any countries where Shia Mosques or Quran teachers are not easily available can get the great solution of learning Shia Quran online. The best thing about online learning is that you only have to find your teacher and choose a time when you are available. An online academy has teachers available all the time. You can take your classes anytime you want. Because you are learning online so you can take your classes from anywhere.

Online Quran Academy
When you want to find a good Shia Quran Center, there are usually the two ways you can do it. You can search for websites offering these teaching services on Google and take test classes to test if they are really good. It is really a good way of finding a good Quran center.

The second way to find a good academy is to take the recommendations from your friend, a family member, neighbour or relatives. Recommendations are also good to find a good place being a Shia Muslim.

What to Learn?

Choosing an Online Quran Learning offers you a variety of Quran courses. In the recent era, it has become very easy for overseas Shia Muslims to learn different courses of the Quran. Despite having busy schedule everyone can study easily. The online courses provide them with an opportunity to quench the thirst of learning the Quran. Those who can’t approach to a Shia Mosque or Islamic center can now enlighten their hearts with the light of the Holy Book under the supervision of Shia online teachers. When you want to study the course online, you need the following things

  • Laptop/ PC / Android device
  • Skype or any other communication software
  • Internet connection
  • Headphone
  • Microphone

Quran Courses for Momineen

We believe that we are the true followers of Ahl ul byt but we will only be real prosperous on the Day of Judgment if we will follow the Koran. Without understanding the Quran, a Momin is unable to obey the Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and Ahl ul byt. Reading the Quran in Arabic is great, but you Shia Muslims need to understand what they are reading. For this purpose, they need a good Shia translation in the language they understand. Shia Quran Reading gives a sense of satisfaction that we are connected with our Holy Book. If you are interested to learn, the Holy Book but taking proper courses helps in efficient learning.

Learning online is a trend now. This way of learning is especially great for Shia Muslims because they don’t have to go and find the Shia tutors. The internet offers a simple platform to Learn Shia Quran with Tajwid and other important learning courses.

The following courses are for Momineen

Yassarnal Quran

When you want to learn the Koran from the basic, the first step to take is to learn the Yassarnal Quran. This is the elementary course that teaches the reading of the Koran. This Book is used by non-Arabic speakers.  Usually, the children learn the Arabic of the Koran through Yassarnal Quran Learning. The beginning lessons consist of the Arabic letters. The students learn how to connect the letters and also learn about zabar, zair, and paish. For proper recitation, learning the accurate pronunciation of the Arabic letters is very important.  When you learn to pronounce all the letters, you can make the words easily. This Shia Qaida Learning course is very important for beginners because it teaches the basic rules of recitation. You can now study this course online. Any Momin who is interested in this course can study it online with the help of live teachers. The internet makes it easy for every person to learn Online Yassarnal Quran. The students can learn at home at the time of their own choice.

Yassarnal Quran


This is the best method to learn Tajweed rules. The Quran teachers start with this course. If the student completes this course successfully, he/she will be able to read the Koran properly. It is an easy course that a student can complete in a short period of time. Yassarnal Quran Reading course is a very important one and a student cannot start reading the Koran without learning this basic course. The course is base on the following

  • Consonants
  • Short and long Vowels
  • Soft vowels
  • Tanween
  • Noon Sakinah & Tanween
  • Rules of Raa and Laam
  • Noon Qutni
  • Articulation points

It is very important to study Shia Qaida Tajweed with the expert teacher who knows all the above-mentioned rules. If your teacher is knowledgeable, you will learn every rule perfectly. You will understand all the rules of tajweed which will make reciting the Koran easily. The teachers will give you useful tips so that learning becomes easy for you. Hence, you must study Yassarnal Quran Tajweed course if you want a read the Koran beautifully and perfectly. This is a very useful course that will definitely help you to avoid making the mistakes.

Quran Reading with Tajweed            

Learning Tajweed brings proficiency in your recitation. When we learn the rules of Tajwid, we are able to observe all the rules of recitation. Shia Quran Reading should be without mistakes. There are two main kinds of mistakes that a reader may make while reading the Koran i.e. clear mistakes and hidden mistakes. When we make a clear mistake, we change the meaning of the word. It is not acceptable in our religion to change the meaning of any word as it is a major sin. Clear mistakes are made when we are not proficient in Shia Quran Tajwid. Learning Tajweed rules improves our reading skills and we are able to recite more correctly and more fluently.

Quran Reading With Tajweed

A reader makes clear mistakes if he/she changes a letter or a short vowel into another, or he/she does not observe the elongations. The reader may stop or start at a wrong place and when he/she does so, the clear mistakes are made. Shia Quran Tajwid Online course is very useful if you want to avoid such mistakes. Hidden mistakes are those which you make while pronouncing a letter or a word. You usually don’t notice such mistakes. Such makes are made when you are not perfect at the pronunciation. For example, when you make mistakes in the elongation of the letters, don’t observe the attributes of all the letters, don’t follow the rules of pronunciation, making an improper sound of the letters, you make hidden mistakes.  It is, therefore, important to Learn Shia Quran with Tajwid if you want to be the perfect reader.


Quran Memorization

In this course, a student memorizes the Koran completely. This act of memorizing the Koran is present in the History of Islam. People used to memorize it in order to preserve it. Today, Momineen are also interested in Memorization Shia Quran because Hafiz is appreciated more than simple reciters.

Shia Memorization Quran

In the Koran, there are 114 Surahs and 6,236 verses. The traditional method or memorizing was going a madrassa which took from 3 to 6 years. Sometimes students have to leave regular schooling for memorizing the Koran because memorization was only offered in special Islamic schools. Now students can take Shia Online Quran Classes and memorize without going to Islamic centers. A person after completing the memorization course, get a very respectable status in the society. He/she gets the title of Hafiz.

Due to online classes, it has become very easy for Moneen to memorize the Holy Book completely or partially while continuing their routine activities. Momineen can take the benefit of online learning and can start their Hifz Classes any time and from anywhere. Online classes are the proven system to make it easy for every Momin to memorize the Holy Book.


Shi’a scholars always supported the Quran translation and the Holy Book has a long history of translation. Translation makes the Koran more interesting for the Momimeen because they can understand the meanings of the verses and understand the messages of Allah. English translations are supported all across the world. Understanding the verses with meanings creates deeper love for the Holy Book. All the translations are not authentic for Shia Muslims, so the Momineen should get Quran Translation Learning From Shia teachers.

Quran Teanslation in English


There are translation courses for non-Arabian Shia Muslims so that they can understand the Quran. The course is just to promote the understanding of the messages of Allah. Translation is not supported for prayers. Muslims should recite the Koran in Arabic only.

The Quran is symbolic and classical Arabic language. So understanding the meanings of the verses is quite difficult. A person should take the translation course because only with the help of this course, a profound understanding of its meanings is possible. Shia Quran Tarjuma course is available at Shia Quran centers. Now online Shia centers have been established for facilitating Momineen to get the most authentic translation of the Holy Book. Online courses are reliable too because the qualified tutors take the classes. If you want to take your classes in English, an option of Shia Quran Translation English is available for you.


It is a detailed interpretation of the Koran. Tafseer started in the time of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and understanding it was quite easy because Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was alive and whenever Muslims faced any difficulty in understanding anything, He (PBUH) used to guide them.

Shia Quran Tafseer Online

Shia Muslims, in order to get authentic Tafseer, should consult Shia scholars. These days Momineen can learn Shia Quran Tafseer online. The online Tafseer course helps in learning the interpretations from the Shia expert and qualified tutors.

Start Shia Tafseer lessons to understand the hidden meanings of the Holy Book.  Without a proper course, understanding tafseer is not so easy. The presence and guidance of a teacher are very important. An ordinary person cannot interpret the Holy Book of Allah. Only a knowledge person, a scholar can interpret the Koran. So learning from a scholar is also important otherwise there is a risk that we may misinterpret the meanings.

Fortunately, Learn Quran online course helps in easy understanding of the Koran. The online learning offers many benefits to those who are interested in Shia Tafseer learning. Those who cannot go to madrassas for learning Tafseer can benefit greatly from Shia Quran Tafseer online learning.

Nahjul Balagha

It is the best source of getting the light of religion. It is a famous collection of letters, narrations, and sermons of Imam Ali (A.S). A Momin can get real wisdom and knowledge through Nehjul Balagha. In sermons, people are asked to obey the orders of Allah avoid prohibitions. In the letter section, there is Ameer ul Momineen’s advice to his agents to observe people’s rights. In the section of narrations, there are wise sayings.

Nahjul Balagha
The course is taught in 3 parts. This is a very valuable course for Shia Muslims. The interested students can now read Nahjul Balagha online due to the advanced technology. The internet is in easy access of every person. Momineen living all over the world can connect to Shia scholars and Quran teachers with the help of the internet to study Nehj ul Balagha. The online classes offer the opportunity to the worldwide Momineen to Learn Nahjul Balagha at their own home.

Different scholars have translated Nehj ul Balagha in different languages. Shia Muslims admire this course because it is the treasure of wisdom for them. Its study gives us a clear path to success. Its study opens the doors of eloquence for everyone. It is one of the primary sources of Islam so no Shia Muslim can ignore its importance. Just like English, the students can choose Nahjul Balagha Urdu Online Reading course which includes the same topics like monotheism, morality, the hereafter, wisdom, intellect, and the Qur’an.

Learning from Qualified Teachers

In order to learn all the Koran courses, there should a qualified teacher.  A good teacher can help you improve your Koran knowledge and become a better Muslim practically. Shia Muslims need a Shia Quran Teacher who guides them in different areas of the religion. Mominaat should also be given equal learning opportunities.

shia quran female teacher

In some places, there is a scarcity of Shia teachers or qualified teachers so Momineen have to face difficulties in learning the courses they want. In this modern era, the problem of finding a qualified Shiya Kuran Tutor has solved. Both Momineen and Mominnaat can find Quran tutoring services online. They can learn on their own schedule. The online classes offer engaging and self-paced lessons.

It is not allowed for a woman in Islam to learn from a non-mehram. If there are no places for women to study the Koran then online learning is the only best option.  The online Quran Academies can offer you Shia Quran Female Teachers so that you can fulfill your religious responsibilities within your religious boundaries. Quran learning is an obligation upon both men and women. If a woman will learn the Koran, it will be beneficial for her whole family. This is because she can guide her children in an Islamic manner. An Online Quran Teacher is very necessary for Mominaat and children. It is a fact that a female can teach children better than a male. More and more females should, therefore, take the Koran education in order to teach others.

The internet has become a valuable resource for getting Islamic education for Momineen. Anyone who is interested in learning can hire an Online Shia Quran teacher by staying at their own home. The online classes are helpful because they allow students and teachers to interact with each other easily.

The classes are usually based on Skype learning. Children and youth are more interested in using modern technology. They also enjoy online learning.  There are many benefits of taking Koran education online. The biggest benefit is the schedule flexibility and cost-effectiveness. Shia Quran Teaching Online is very popular in Western countries because accessing a Momin teacher is easy on the internet.

The online teachers should not only be knowledgeable but they should be trained in giving online lectures. Online Koran learning has become a hot trend in the present time so the teacher should be aware of the online teaching procedures.

Shia Quran Male Teacher

Online learning is beneficial not only for women and children but also for male Shia Muslims. There are many reasons for it. Busy people can hire a Male Teachers for Learn Quran online at any time that is suitable for them. There is a facility of time and location facility for them. Working professionals can easily take classes at any time when they are available. There is no time wastage for busy professionals because they don’t have to travel anywhere to take their classes.

Online Quran Classes are open for all the Momineen irrespective of the location of students. It also gives the satisfaction that we are able to fulfill our religious responsibility no matter how busy we are. Online classes have brought a revolution in our lives which will in return bring a positive effect on our society.

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